CGC Results



2020 Results

January Waterford Valley GC - 1st Round Match Play

February Settlers Run GC - Summer Medal

February Settlers Run GC - McDonald 4BBB

March Portsea GC - Cypriot Foursomes  








2019 Results

January Sandhurst 1st Round Match Play

February Patterson Lakes - Summer Medal

February Patterson Lakes - McDonalds 4BBB Cup

March Growling Frod -  Captain's Cypriot Foursomes

March Eynesbury - 2nd Round Match Play

April Sunshine - Autumn Medal

May Heritage Henley - Stableford

May Heritage Henley - 4BBB Organic Times Cup

June Flinders - Winter Medal

July Morack - AMBROSE

July Mornington - 4th Rnd Match Play

August Ranfurlie - 5th Rnd Match Play

September Ivanhoe - DallyM III Cup

September Hidden Valley - Spring Medal

October Sandhurst North - Match Play Final

November Mandalay - Medal of Medallist

December Settlers Run GC - Club Championship

 2019 Weekend Away Yarrawonga Classic


2018 Results

January Sandhurst 1st Round Match Play

February Sunshine Summer Medal 

March Heritage 2nd Round Match Play

April Sandringham AMBROSE

April Ranfurlie Autumn Medal

May Patterson River 3rd Rnd Match Play

June Moonah Legends - Winter Medal

July Cranbourne GC - Ladder Points

August Bay Views GC - DallyM III Cup

August Heritage CG - Washout no results - points awarded on ladder

September Mornington Cypriot Foursome Trophy

September Sandhurst - Spring Medal

September Sandhurst Organic Times Trophy

October Yering Meadows - Match Play Final

November Settlers Run GC - Medal of Medallist

December St Andrews GC - Club Championship





2017 Results

Gardiners Run GC January 2017 - 1st Round Match Play

Keysborough GC February 2017 - Summer Medal 

Waverley GC March 2017 - 2nd Round Match Play

Sandhurst GC April 2017 - Autumn Medal

Sandringham GC April 2017  - DallyM III Cup

Sunshine GC May 2017 - 3rd Round Match Play

Settlers Run GC June 2017 - Winter Medal

Tirhatuan Lakes July 2017 - AMBROSE

Ranfurlie GC July 2017 - 4BBB Sweet & Nut Shop

Waterford Valley GC August 2017 - Semi Final Match Play

Eynesbury GC September 2017 - Spring Medal

Medway GC October 2017 - Match Play

Growling Frog GC August 2017 - Captain's Cypriot Foursomes

The Dunes GC November 2017 - Medal of Medallist & McDonalds 4BBB Cup

Cape Schanck RACV GC December 2017 - Club Championship



2016 Results

Box Hill Golf Club January 2016 - Summer Medal - Group 1 Match Play 

Keysborough Golf Club February 2016 - Group 2 Match Play 

Kingston Links March 2016 - Autumn Medal 

Growling Frog April 2016 - 4BBB Captain's Trophy 

Sandhurst North May 2016 - 2nd Round Match Play

Patterson River GC - Winter Medal - Winter Medal

Yering Meadows Golf Club July 2016 - 3rd Round Match Play

Eynesbury GC August 2016 - Semi Final Match Play

DallyM III Cup 2016 - 3 Club event

Rossdale Golf Club September 2016 - Spring Medal

Medway GC October 2016 - October

Waterford Valley AMBROSE 2016 - October

Cranbourne Golf Club 2016 - November McDonalds 4BBB Cup and Medal of Medallist

Cape Schanck Golf Club December 2016 - December Club Championship



2015 Results

Eagle Ridge Golf Club January 2015 - Summer Medal - Qualifier for Match Play

Long Island Country Club February 2015 - Match Play 1st round knockout

Box Hill Golf Club March 2015 - Autumn Medal

Ranfurlie Golf Club May 2015 - 2nd Round Match Play knockout

Southern Golf Club June 2015 - Winter Medal

Sanctuary Lakes GC July 2015 - 3rd Round Match Play knockout

Peninsula Kingswood County Golf Club August 2015 - 4BBB Agg Stableford

Mandalay September 2015 - Spring Medal

Settlers Run GC October 2015 - October

Gardiners GC November 2015 - Medal of Medallist

Ranfurlie GC December 2015 - Club Championship


2014 Results

Ranfurlie Golf Club November 2014 - Medal of Medallist 

12th October - Ringwood Golf Course - AMBROSE 

20th July - Sanctuary Lakes Golf Club

15th - June Sandhurst Golf Club - Championship Course

20th May - Heidelberg Golf Club

13th Apr - Sandringham Golf Club 

23rd Mar - Box Hill Golf Club

16th Feb - Long Island Country Club

19th Jan - Sandhurst North Course


2013 Results

17th Nov - Moonah Links

20th Oct - Peninsula Country Golf Club

15th Sep - Kingston Links

25th Aug - Patterson River Golf Club

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