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Cypriot Golf Club announced that the Good Friday Appeal 2017 will be our Charity for 2017


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Fines are capped at $5 each

The Fun Fines

Below are the fines that we all must adhere to, good luck and happy fining

  1. NAGA Ball – Player forgetting to use ball on first tee.
  2. Failure to drive past Ladies tee and for the Ladies, not driving more than 5 meters
  3. Hitting your ball out of bounds
  4. Swing and miss at any shot, the fresh air shot
  5. Club abuse eg. throwing it
  6. Hitting from one bunker to another
  7. 4 putting while on the green
  8. Putting off the green
  9. Missing a 1 foot put
  10. The winner of the round
  11. The loser of the round
  12. Unreadable scorecard
  13. Not writing down your playing partners fines, and not reporting to the fine master
  14. Not turning up to the Fines meeting – after each round
  15. Interrupting the Chairman during a fines meeting which will be held after each round

If you think a fine is worthy to be on the Fun Fine list that is not mentioned, please let me know and I’ll add it, for every fine you mention you will be fined. Thanks